Sunday, July 5, 2009

Live from the Marquee

OK so not exactly live but i did end up at two shows at the Marquee over the wkend.

First off was Des Bishop on friday night. An alright gig, he was pretty funny at first but went down hill pretty fast to a point where i was wondering how much longer. It seemed as if he was trying to make a hour and a bit long performance out of something that should have been half an hour. On the plus side though i really enjoyed one of his guys on warming up, Michael Mee, very relaxed and very funny!

We went along to Josh Ritter then on Saturday night and again for me it was the warm up act that was the highlight. This time it was Lisa Hannigan who despite here little house in the prairie apperance was well able get the place going. Only negative was she only did about half an hour and didn't come back out for any kind apperance with Josh Ritter after!

Josh Ritter was good but i think i was expecting more seeming as he had a 24 piece orchastra behing him. Solid but nothing to write home about!

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