Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Finally got to stitch together some shots i took earlier this month, first time doing this type of thing so please excuse the crazy horizon. It's hard enough keeping those things straight when you are only taking one frame.

Any way here it is, 360deg view from top of Mt Gabriel. From left Baltimore through Schull, Mizen head and up through Bantry to Kerry.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Cork swell magnet???

Was one of those strange days of the year when Cork gets all the swell, doesn't happen that often but every Corkonian was there to take advantage. Nothing particulary special about the surf but it was alot of fun and the crappy period meant there was more than enough for everyone.
Unfortunatly the wind had crapped out and swell dropped back by the time i finished surfing so all i have are some landscapey shots.

Friday, June 26, 2009

First Double Page Spread

I've just got my first DPS!!!!

Thought i'd share the news.

Lowey doing what he does best.

Thanks Mickey, you da man!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Mind Surfing

Unfortunatly that's all i can do at the moment, apart from some onshore slop during the wk i haven't gotten out since my last post. Things begining to get seriously crazy in college, doing all i can to get this damn PhD done. I suppose it's not the worst thing not having surf around, focusing now on finishing up before the winter swells start coming in again.

Anyway here are a few empty shots from the last few months.

First few are from yet again another Clare slab.

Have been trying to get some proper looking out of the barrel shots, these are a bit annoying as it's the frame inbetween which would have been the money shot. Dunno what my camera was doing, it should have shot off at least 2 frames inbetween these i'd have thought.

No crowds are great when you're surfing, not so much photoging. 1 person per wave would be great!

Heres another gem

Check out the third one, proper horseshoe lip, pity about the foam ball.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hot Damn

I mean that in every sense of the word. What a wkend.

Started off with a mixed trip up to clare. Went up thursday night for a full day assault on friday.
I was able to borrow jess's mums car which might just be the best surf vehicle ever. It's an opel zafira which does this amazing magic trick where the two rows of back seats disappear leaving enough room to fully spread out for an awesome nights sleep. As good as any i've had in my VW.

I got in an early surf at cregg (small but fun...ish) before heading up the coast

Including myself there were 5 people pointing there cameras at a pretty large crew of people throwing themselves over the edge. Never seen that many on one spot in ireland before

It wasn't exactly perfect especially on the smaller ones that the surfers where having a go on.

Not the easiest place to surf but you have to gives props to them for throwing themselves into it. Here's Liam Joyce doing just that.

Unfortunately his board didn't quite make it through this but i'm sure he was just glad it was his board and not him that broke. Took the poor guy a further 20 mins to make it the next 30 yards to dry land.

When the bigger ones came through though it sure did show it's perfect side.

A sight to behold

I was on my way back to Lahinch after when i realised i had done the stupidest thing i have done in a very long time. I forgot my board at the upper car park in lahinch that morning after my surf. When i got back it was gone so someone has picked it up. If you know of anyone who found a board on Friday morning bout half 8 or so let me know please. It's a Board Culture 6'1" round tail, all white board. Otherwise there'll be no surfing for pete for a long time :(

The rest of the wkend was taken up by the weather. We are having our summer right now. Forget work get out there and enjoy it.

I think i manged to eat my own body weight in meat over the last 3 days! mmmmm BBQ's

I also managed to make it out to Roches point for the sunset last night to cap off a sweet wkend. I even forgot about my board til this morning.

Wasn't a particularly great sunset but the moon rise was sweet

They're a bit grainy from the ISO but it was my first time trying to shoot this type of thing