Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Early Morning Fun

Had a great little early morning trip up to clare during the wk. Another sneaky little summer swell. Man it was great to be on it when it happened though as i hadn't been out in ages. Another pre 5am start but we got there well before the tide and were able to amble down and take our time getting ready, normally it's a mad sprint down and out which quite often means i get something wrong with my settings. I know everything i should do but i get too excited! what can i say. We were even out for about 30-40mins before the ol reliable turned up. It was my first time trying to swim in deep and shoot wide angle at a wave of consequence. I was pretty stoked with how i got on and only took one set on the head and avoided getting sucked over. Unfortunaly i didn't really get the goods that i thought i was getting when i was out there but that has me even more amped to get out and try again.

Big props to the man Dylan Buckley who got into a good run of waves and started charging some monsters with some sweet late take offs.

Here he is on one beaut, he makes it and is rewarded with "the barrel of his life".

Here's Hugh Galloway stalled and awaiting his curtain call

As per usual though the sets were dominated by the lidder's which apprently means bodyboarder, it's my new word of the day, thanks paudie ;) . Some ballzy drops and awesome barrels. It's crazy how little they don't make!





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