Friday, June 19, 2009

Mind Surfing

Unfortunatly that's all i can do at the moment, apart from some onshore slop during the wk i haven't gotten out since my last post. Things begining to get seriously crazy in college, doing all i can to get this damn PhD done. I suppose it's not the worst thing not having surf around, focusing now on finishing up before the winter swells start coming in again.

Anyway here are a few empty shots from the last few months.

First few are from yet again another Clare slab.

Have been trying to get some proper looking out of the barrel shots, these are a bit annoying as it's the frame inbetween which would have been the money shot. Dunno what my camera was doing, it should have shot off at least 2 frames inbetween these i'd have thought.

No crowds are great when you're surfing, not so much photoging. 1 person per wave would be great!

Heres another gem

Check out the third one, proper horseshoe lip, pity about the foam ball.


  1. Some great shots. Are you still using a Liquid Eye housing? (I saw a post of yours.) Still pleased with it?

  2. Yeah using a liquid eye housing, still very happy with it. no complaints at all really. would highly recommend it (although i never used any other brand).