Friday, May 22, 2009

Mid May Madness


Ok blogging here we go. As this is my inaugural post i'll lay down some guidelines as to what one might expect to see here. I'm not a particularly opinionated person and am not starting this up so i can start ranting and raving about different things that piss me off.

This is simply going to be an outlet for me to put up some recent shots i've taken that i'd like to share and hopefully it will force me out with my camera more so as i have content to keep this going.

Anyway here are some from the very slabalicious county of Clare last week.

Here's one of Paudie about to jump in. I'm not too sure what he's waiting for it looks pretty timid. .................................

Ok so timid might not be the most appropiate word!

This is what i get out of bed at 4 in the morning for.

Here is a less death like one! was weird shooting from dry land. i don't normally as i don't quite have the lens for it (got a loan of paudies for these). I can't argue with the results. I only stayed around for about 20mins and got loads of sweet shots but it just wasn't the same!

Finally one more from the day.

Here is Shane O'Conner on his first ever tow in wave at the cliffs.The first of many many more to come. Nothing too special more sentimental! We won't bust his balls for not stalling for the barrel on his first one. I probably would be already out of frame :)
He got whipped into a few more but nothing "too hectic" according to him!

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