Friday, October 14, 2011

Am I bothered?

To be honest, regarding surfing, I haven't really been for the last year or so. Now i'm not talking about the whole photography thing, no doubt i've been amping on that but when it comes to actually paddling out myself i've been unenthused to say the least. I could never come to any great conclusion as to why either, which was the really frustrating part about it. After all the years spending every second thinking about it and every last cent you own on it how can i be "just not all that into it anymore". On a recent trip to Clare, however, my usual petrol contributors flaked on me; no worries, I thought, I'll head up by myself. This turned out to be a rather refreshing plan once I realised i'll be able to take my time at try out a whole host of things, photography wise, that have been knocking around in my head without the hassles that group trips inevitably bring. The day however didn't pan out quite the way I had planned. About half the way through I went for a quick surf. Things went surprisingly well. I am of course in ridiculously good shape, in fact when i popped up for the first time i nearly creased my board. Once up and going everything seemed to click into place and so started shredfest 2011. After a while i began hearing murmurings from the shore and soon enough crowds had gathered to watch, cheering in joy "Pete is back!"
Ok so that's not exactly how it happened, but i did have a wicked good surf which turned into two and then three surfs before the day was out leaving me as amped as ever. Not too sure what this means. It's great fun surfing with your mates and a quality session is always added to if you can share.....blah blah blah

Is it me or is surfing better when you aren't with a group a friends?

Here's a few snaps i did mange on the trip. A few waves and a few ol timers!

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